Washington County Head Start
512 State St
Mineral Point, MO 63660

Upper Building:

Family Advocates:

Lower Building:

Site Manager: 
Evelyn Pyatt

Basic Information:
90 children
full-day  program


Wall helps kids learn to read:
Kim incorporates literacy into a discussion of classroom rules as she points to pictures and words on the Classroom Rules chart. Other literacy props:

  • Children have a visual literacy reminder to STOP at the door.
  • ‘Reading’ the Daily Schedule helps preschoolers keep track of time, with a clock as an aid to the adults, and a few of the older children.

To the right of Kim is an alphabet—with sign language letters. Many letter signs help children kinesthetically remember how to make alphabet letters.

Learning Sign Language: 

Here children are signing ‘Good Morning.’ This class is one of several in our agency that is incorporating sign language as part of their curriculum.