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PDF file:  looks like a regular form.  To download PDF files you need Adobe Reader.
Excel file: If you have Excel, first save the form in this format.  Note: Some people need to adjust their margins on these forms.
Children’s names on portfolio spines—writable, use cardstock

Skinny Sheet write class list only – write the children’s names once—they’ll appear four times. Makes is easy to keep up with who has had a turn.

Perfect Attendance writable

School Readiness Reading Certificate writable

School Readiness Homework

music template – copy this page and put it in the Music Center. Children can ‘write’ their own music. Thanks, Kim!

75 Transition Ideas (these very practical ideas were developed by EMAA Head Start assistant teachers)

Children’s Websites

How People Make Things (Sneakers, Crayons, Construction Paper, Wagons, and more!)

Build a Neighborhood: An online build-a-picture game, it’s fun because kids get many choices and the quality of the pictures is very good. Move the pictures around, zoom in and out, well done game from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood at PBS Kids.

Video: beautiful and very informative

How Do You Feel? When we can talk about our feelings, they can become a lot less overwhelming, or upsetting, or scary. Just having a caring listener makes hard times more manageable. Talking about feelings can be a challenge for young children. While you can encourage talking, you can also help them find other creative ways to express their feelings -through artwork or making up puppet stories, and other ways that you have found to be helpful in your family.

Traffic Light: It is hard for children to develop control over their bodies. Playing games about “stop and go” help them practice control, so that they may be more likely to have self-control and be able to stop in other situations.

Quills Up! Avoid unintentional poisoning
Includes an 11 minute video and classroom activities for preschooler

Missouri Mammals
Bears, coyotes, fox, skunks, opossum, raccoons, otter, squirrels, deer, woodchuck (groundhog) and many more Missouri mammals. Photos, audios, links to videos!

Bears in Missouri video

Missouri Birds
Search a particular bird, or go down the list and find information, photos, videos and audios (of bird sounds)
Missouri Birds

Missouri Insects, Spiders and Kin
Ant websites and words and tune to “Ants Go Marching”

Missouri Amphibians and Reptiles
Missouri Turtles – excellent pdf booklet
Snake Resource Page (very interesting)
Missouri Snakes – excellent pdf booklet and site with two videos, including “Baby Snakes”
Lizards of Missouri
An Introduction to Crayfishes of Missouri

Fish and Mollusks in Missouri Rivers and Lakes
Fish —
Mollusks —
Many videos of Missouri wildlife (turkeys, coyotes, etc)
Media: video, audio and photos of Missouri wildlife and conservation

Thomas the Tank Fun & Games
The Track Game: where the track needs to be put in the correct spot
James’ Search: match the train parts
Sing-Along Songs: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Magical, musical place for children:
Words and tunes children’s songs
Songs for so many different topics from many web sites!
Classic Kids Songs
Download Robert Munsch reading his books!

Highlights for Children

Sesame Street Games Online
Lots of games so your child shouldn’t get bored. Graphic quality, learning potential, and ease of use make these games winners. Somewhat clunky navigation back to more games and the games are fairly slow loading. Overall, a great destination for online preschool games.

Original Online Games
The prettiest preschool games online are at Original. Choose one of the pretty watercolor pictures for a game that flows at a less than frantic pace.

Poisson Rouge – Online Games for Young Children
No reading required but your child will easily follow the toys and games in the room. We especially love the paint box where you can mix colors and wash your brush.